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Malahit Software Defined Radio 23rd December 2020

The Malahit (Malachite) SDR is a very compact radio hosted in an aluminium case only 100×74×27mm in size.

The version I've bought is manufactured in China but the design originated from Russia. The schematic is almost identical to the original except some PCB connectors (J5 & J7). The RF front-end is minimal, just a wideband pre-amp (BGA614) and some LC Π filters (0-12MHz-30MHz-60MHz-120MHz-250MHz-1GHz-2GHz) to separate the huge frequency range. An optional board with better filtration and another narrower pre-amp for the HF bands can be connected via J7 and is inserted in front of the antenna connector. On this chinese clone the Vbat signal is missing so you need to connect it from elsewhere (and there isn't sufficient space inside the case for another PCB anyways).
A translated manual is also available.

Malahit SDR - PCB

A few things that I dislike on this SDR:

Even with the above annoyances I think it is an excellent deal to get a portable SDR in an aluminum case for just 82$ delivered.

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