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Changing WiFi Card in System76 Gazelle Laptop 24th June 2012

How-to replace the wireless card in Gazelle Pro laptop

The original wireless card delivered with system76 Gazelle Professional laptop is AzureWave AW-NB057H with a RTL8188CE chipset. The linux firmware for this chipset is still buggy and you will experience some wireless disconnects from time to time. A cheap way to get rid of this problem is to replace this mini-PCI card with an Intel Advanced-N 6230 adaptor which can be bought for 30$.

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Tags: gazelle, system76, wifi.
Single page printing in xpdf 25th June 2012

This is a patch against xpdf 3.03 to allow single pages and even/odd selective printing. The printing window will look like this:

Tags: linux, xpdf.

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