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Galep4 DIL40 to TSOP48 programming adapter 4th September 2014

I own a Galep4 programmer and I wanted to read out the content of an Intel 28F640B3 NOR memory. Unfortunately this programmer only has a 40 pin DIL socket any my part was a TSOP48. Conitec (maker of Galep programmers) provides such an adapter for an extortion price of 300 Euros. For this price you can get the Xeltek 610P (which is in the same category as the Galep5 with 48 universal pins and very well supported) and a TSOP48 to DIL48 adapter . In fact I've just ordered these two for my future needs but to get the memory content out I've quickly bread-boarded an equivalent adapter.

Memory Read CycleSchematics of the Galep 210855 adapter

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