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I2C interface with a cheap PCI GPS 19th April 2013

This project describes how to make a small GPS module suitable for use with RC quadcopters and airplanes from an inexpensive laptop GPS.

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RGB Matrix Clock 9th August 2014

This is an example of over-engineering: a clock with 4 microcontrollers! Three of these are ATmega368 which are part of a cheap development board the Colorduino. Each of these controls one third of the display namely one 8×8 RGB LED matrix. The synchronization and communication between these 4 microcontrollers will happen via a multi-master I2C bus. So far I've finished the case and I've written a simulator in GTK of the various display modes which you may download bellow.

Clock simulator
Linux versionWindows version
and GTK runtime
design file (QCAD)

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