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STM32 "Pill" boards 13th November 2020

This is a collection of pinouts and schematics for the cheap Chinese STM32 development boards available on Aliexpress and Ebay:

DemoBoard STM32F030$1.23
BluePill STM32F103$1.67
BlackPill STM32F103$2.22
BlackPill STM32F4x1$3.70
DevEBox STM32H750$10.92

Prices include shipping from Aliexpress and are based on buying lots of 10 pcs.

DemoBoard STM32F030 Pinout
(click figure to enlarge)

DemoBoard STM32F030 schematic

BluePill STM32F103 Pinout
(click figure to enlarge)

BluePill STM32F103 schematic

BlackPill STM32F103 Pinout
(click figure to enlarge)

BlackPill STM32F103 schematic

BlackPill STM32F4x1 Pinout
(click figure to enlarge)

BlackPill STM32F4x1 schematic

DevEBox STM32H750 Pinout
(click figure to enlarge)

DevEBox STM32H750 schematic

Tags: black pill, blue pill, stm32.

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ab Submitted at 10:30:26 on 10 February 2021
Hi, great work! Very useful information. One question though, in regards to the f103 black pill. How does the ┬ÁC receive power? I would expect Vbat1 to be connected to 3V3, yet I can't seem to find this in your schematic?
Emil Submitted at 15:44:38 on 10 February 2021
Vbat is tied to 3.3V. You cannot power it separately (to retain RTC and RAM while powered down) like you can in the blue version.

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