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RF Noise Source 26th August 2020

This is a tiny RF noise generator which can be purchased for just 17$.

RF Noise Source - Case

The noise is generated by a reversed polarized diode and then it is amplified by three stages of INA-10386 MMIC amplifier. These are the 4pin round cases marked N10.

RF Noise Source - PCB

Bellow are some measurements that I've did with the spectrum analyzer.

This noise source outputs a respectable -48dBm for an entire 2GHz span. The spectrum output power is

P = Pavr + 10 log( BW / RBW ) = -48 + 10 log ( 2e9 / 1e6 ) = -15 dBm

Noise at 145MHzNoise at 440MHzNoise at 900MHz
Noise at 1.2GHzNoise at 1.8GHzNoise at 2.4GHz
Noise at 3.5GHzNoise at 5GHzNatural Noise Floor
Tags: noise, rf.

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