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Tektronix TLA parser 19th December 2006

Parse Tektronix TLA files and extract traces of interest to the VCD (Value Change Dump) format.

The VCD is an industry format for digital signals and has the advantage of being editable. The VCD waveforms can be viewed/analysed by most of commercial waveforms viewers or by open source versions like gtkwave. gtkwave is particularly useful for aligning single captures and collapsing buses.

The VCD files can future be converted with vcd2wlf to the native format of ModelSim making possible the observation of simulation and real signals side by side. tla2vcd also knows to generate listing files (same as the Tektronix software) making easy the processing of large number of samples. tla2vcd has versions for both Linux and Windows

Tags: tektronix, tla, vcd.

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Francesco Quaranta Submitted at 16:46:19 on 13 December 2021
I'm interested in your TLA Parser for debugging purposes.
Francesco Quaranta

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