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Galep4 DIL40 to TSOP48 programming adapter 4th September 2014

I own a Galep4 programmer and I wanted to read out the content of an Intel 28F640B3 NOR memory. Unfortunately this programmer only has a 40 pin DIL socket any my part was a TSOP48. Conitec (maker of Galep programmers) provides such an adapter for an extortion price of 300 Euros. For this price you can get the Xeltek 610P (which is in the same category as the Galep5 with 48 universal pins and very well supported) and a TSOP48 to DIL48 adapter . In fact I've just ordered these two for my future needs but to get the memory content out I've quickly bread-boarded an equivalent adapter.

Memory Read CycleSchematics of the Galep 210855 adapter

I've used a logic analyser to figure out the adapter connectivity and for this particular NOR memory it worked well. The full VCD capture can be downloaded here.

The trick to get more address lines than available socket pins is to either latch the addresses into a register or to serially shift them in a register. Conitec uses a 14-bit serial register to store addresses A16-A10,A6-A0 in these 14 bits. They've left A9-A7 out because some chips need higher voltages on these pins to read electronic signatures and other configuration data. The choice of putting the lower addresses in the shift register is not the best because you'll have to shift a new address for every read word but I presume they wanted the flexibility for other pins. The serial clock is at 1MHz so two 74HC595 work perfectly but one read cycle lasts 290us and this makes the programmer very slow. It is much better to get another programmer with a 48 pin socket. The VS4800 programmer has only partial universal pins, costs only 65$ and still supports all the main stream memory chips.

I've also designed 2 PCBs if anyone wants to build his own cheap adapter:

TSOP48 to DIL48 (Gerber)DIL48 to DIL40 Galep (Gerber)

I have a couple of boards left so if you want one drop me a message. I will send you what's in the picture bellow (all except the TSOP48 ZIF socket) for 5 Euros + shipment to your country.


I've received the new Xeltek 610P programmer and it was a little disappointing. I've quickly tried to program 4 chips that I had laying around: SST28F080, ATMega32L, ATMega324A and AT90S8515. Two out of four failed to program with the latest version of Xeltek software. These means their software is not quite there yet. All the chips programed fine in my Galep4 so I should still keep my old programmer for a while.

SuperPro 610P with AT90S8515 insertedXeltek software version
(last at the time of writing)
ID error and failed verification for ATMega324AFailed detection for AT90S8515

I've reported the bug to Xeltek, let's see how long it takes until they correct it. P.S. After six months the bugs are still not corrected and Xeltek does not reply to emails. One of the problems I've reported involves just the replacement of the chip ID. Based on this support problem alone you'd better look elsewhere for your next programmer.

Tags: programmers, reverse engineering.

Comments On This Entry

Tim Submitted at 11:25:05 on 8 April 2015
Thanks for your page. I have a galep 4 aswell... very had to find info on there adaptors.

Big thanks!!!

PS I presume all your PCBs are sold?
peter Submitted at 20:32:37 on 11 October 2015
Great article!
Do you still have any adapter PCBs for sale?
rossen Submitted at 22:23:14 on 16 April 2016
Hello, very good work!

I want to buy several boards Tsop 48 to dip48,

my programmer is galep5
Brian Submitted at 11:08:51 on 22 October 2016
I want to buy a Tsop 48 to dip48,
my programmer is also a galep5


Lukasz Submitted at 20:16:42 on 13 January 2017
Hi I need tssop48 to dil40 PCB's. Do you still have it?
I'm from Poland
Emil Submitted at 04:28:17 on 14 January 2017
I do have a few PCBs left but no ZIF socket and if you can't order the exact socket the PCB is of no use to you.
Lukasz Submitted at 08:16:25 on 29 January 2017
Can you send me details for payement I can buy this socket no problem
Lukasz Submitted at 20:57:44 on 26 February 2017
Where can I buy this socket?
Massimo Submitted at 09:05:49 on 3 September 2017
I need only DIL48 to DIL40 Galep board....do you still have it for sale?
I already have TSOP48 to DIL48 adapter and i need to program a 29F800BB with my old Galep III.
Alex Submitted at 10:07:13 on 5 September 2017
Hy Emil can i buy 1 Adapter please Email me Tnx
Emil Submitted at 22:48:47 on 13 September 2017
Thanks Massimo,
Your PCB is on its way. I've included 2x HC595 in case you need them.
Please write me a quick email when you get it.
Massimo Submitted at 17:21:07 on 1 October 2017
I need 3 pieces of the "Galep 210855 adapter" (TSOP48 to DIL40 PCB's).
Do you still have it for sale?.
I'm from Italy and my programmer is Galep 4.

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