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KINT disassembler and linux interpreter 5th December 2012

You can find here the sources for a disassembler targeting the KINT virtual processor. It was written as a processor module for IDA. You will need the IDA SDK for your current version to compile it to a binary module. An example of code produced by this module is included. The supported KINT version is 4.4 (latest at this time). The disassembler is complete except the flags in the Instructions table (file ins.cpp) which need to be filled for all instructions. This code is open source with no license.

I've also made a linux version of the KINT interpreter to play all the games from Kaser natively in linux. The code uses the SDL1.2 library for graphics and sounds. The original code is copyrighted by Everett Kaser so you'll have to ask permission to publish any derived work.

KINT disassembly
Sherlock Game in Linux
Tags: disassembler, ida, interpreter, kint.

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